Reimagining marketing for a destination

Visit Myrtle Beach switched on a collaborative platform for their entire community, winning travelers with an approach that's the first-of-its-kind

African American female with her daughter playing on the shores of Myrtle Beach.

That’s led to more impact and better insights—for everyone

Tens of millions of travelers reached, thousands of new trips every year, and millions of dollars of revenue—all tracked to the destination

And even in a competitive rebound market, Visit Myrtle Beach is driving more impact than ever.

In 2021, the platform earned and tracked:


in direct booking revenue

By working together on a single platform, destination marketers and their community are inspiring and winning over a massive new audience for Myrtle Beach.

How was that earned?

Visitors and the community work together to reach & inspire millions.

The platform keeps this audience in orbit until they’re ready to book—and that’s helping Myrtle Beach win visitors and rebound more quickly.


of direct booking revenue tracked with Flip.to


VMB directly helps accommodation providers build a massive, new audience with Advocacy

Visitors introduce the community to a like-minded audience—at scale

Audience growth
18.4+ million

new travelers introduced to Myrtle Beach by someone they know

Revenue impact
$8.5M earned

thanks to a new army of marketers: visitors to Myrtle Beach


The destination helps regional players win over prospects on their site with Discovery

Accommodations unveil & re-engage planners, tracked to revenue

New conversations
932K prospects

unveiled and being nurtured with a 1-to-1, personal journey

Revenue impact
$26.5M increase

thanks to better conversations an that drive upticks in conversion


VMB tracks impact from their own efforts Collaborative Insights

Delivered in real-time, with revenue attribution

Total revenue impact
$4.9 million tracked

that Visit Myrtle Beach tracked from their website, campaigns and destination marketing efforts directly back to individual members

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